Nepal Month - Vegan Nepalese Recipes

Months go by so fast these days! It's already the end of October and the end of Nepalese food month, have you enjoyed it? I've loved everything that I've cooked and shared with you this month - and, as usual, didn't get the time to try and share all the things I wanted to. It was lovely to get a chance to use the fenugreek seeds that I have lying around and don't use often enough, they were in almost every dish I made for Nepalese/Nepali. The recipes I found were a fantastic mix of influences - Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern - which made for a really fascinating country to cook for. I love Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines and in exploring Nepal I found dishes I had never had anything quite like before - which is why I love these world food challenges so much!

Ingredients of the month - chilli, fenugreek, pistachios, sesame seeds


Tomato Achar
This spicy paste is perfect spread on your rotti or as an accompaniment to your dinner. You can adjust the chilli to suit any papate, although I like mine quite hot! It seems like every family has their own unique way of making tomato achar, but here it my attempt. Authentic or not - it was definitely delicious! Check out the recipe here.

A delectable Nepalese flatbread. Perfect to pair with your Tomato Achar - this slightly spiced potato roti is perfect to accompany your curry, salad or just cover it with chutney or pickle and eat to your heart's content. Don't let the idea of making 'bread' deter you, it's one of the easiest think you could make! Check out the recipe here.

Vegetable Momo with Chilli Sesame Dipping Sauce
No look into Nepalese cuisine would be complete without momo! The perfect example of Nepalese cuisine - a fusion of Chinese and Indian styles of cooking with plenty of chilli. These dumplings are like a Chinese steamed bun but filled with delicious curried vegetables and with a spicy sesame chilli dipping sauce that packs a punch. They're a recipe for when you've got a bit of time, but they're worth it. Grab a couple of friends or family and make these together, it's always more fun to cook with friends :) Check out the recipe here.

Chilli Grapefruit and Orange Salad
Perfect to combine with your hot curries and your rotti - this grapefruit and orange salad is incredibly fresh, light and healthy. It's a perfect accompaniment on a summer day to almost any meal. Check out the recipe here.

Saag Tarkari - Greens Curry
This is quite a simple dish, but the flavour combination is quite special. Don't think of the obligatory pile of tasteless "greens" on the side of your plate when you were a kid, these side greens pack a flavour punch. This would traditionally be made using taro leaves or mustard greens, I made mine using kale and brussels sprouts leaves from my garden. You could really use any greens you like though, it's a very versatile recipe! Check out the recipe here. 

Sesame Chilli Potatoes
A dish of fried potatoes in creamy, spicy tahini style sauce? Sounds like my idea of heaven, and I have it say it was pretty fantastic. Perfect as a side dish, a contribution to a gathering or just to eat out of the pan with a fork as comfort food - these potatoes have got you covered for almost anything. Check out the recipe here.


Semolina Halva (Sooji Haluwa)
This delicious dessert is so quick and easy to make that it's perfect for a weekday dessert or sweet treat, or an exotic option for an event or a family gathering. Packed with juicy golden raisins and three different types of nuts, your sweet tooth will be very satisfied! Check out the recipe here.

Which one did you think looked the best this month? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Cooking!
~ Keely :)

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