Weeds & Greens Salad with Finger Lime dressing

One of the good things about having a blog is using it to keep track of your own recipes. I haven't posted anything on this blog for years but I still come into it every now and then to look up one of my recipes to make. Everytime I log on to the blog I'm amazed at how much traffic it gets even though I haven't posted on it regularly for more than 5 years. When I see that it makes me feel like getting back onto it.

My life has changed a lot. But I thought I might try and post every now and then. It's going to be a be a bit different, it's going to be more real. I don't have the energy for perfect styled photos. I got rid of most of my "styling" props when we moved because I wanted a simpler life with less stuff. You'll get quick snaps on my phone, probably with kids hands reaching in to take the stuff right off the plate.

I've got 2 kids now but this is not a "mum blog", I've never had any desire to have a blog like that.

A year ago we moved into a new place and the house was everything we hoped for, with a bonus overgrown jungle as the garden. I'm passionate about growing our own food, but I've never seen myself as a forager. However, as I cleared sensational amounts of plants and weeds away to start to form our veggie patch, I realised we were probably already growing a lot of edibles without knowing it.

I checked out this book from the library and became a weed eater. I've come to view the weeds in our garden differently, for what they can do rather than just what they are. Our veggie patch is still a work in progress, but the garden always has a bounty to offer because weeds are everywhere!

Here's a simple recipe which represents where we're at right now. It's not much of a recipe really because it's so adaptable. Finger Limes are an Australian Native Citrus, with little bubbles of citrus inside like caviar. We've got a tree growing and had a nice crop this year, so I've used it here in the dressing. It's not available that widely, so just use some lime or lemon juice instead if you can't get them (if you can though - do it!!!). I recommend you plant one though, if you're in Australia, because they're just fantastic.

Weeds & Greens Salad with Finger Lime Dressing

1-2 cups mixed edible weeds, we used dock and oxalis mainly.
1-2 cups fresh rocket (we grew ours) or baby spinach
1 finger lime
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp soy sauce
Edible flowers, to garnish (we've used oxalis flowers, you can also use violas, nasturtiums or Calendula petals).

Quick note: I recommend you do your research before eating weeds so you make sure you can identify what you're eating beyond a shadow of a doubt. Also both dock and oxalis are high in oxilic acid, so I wouldn't eat this salad every day. 

To make:
1. Toss the leaves together. 
2. Squeeze all the "caviar" out of the finger lime into a small jar and add the olive oil, vinegar and soy sauce. Shake/mix well and pour over the leaves. 
3. Garnish with edible flowers and eat right away. 

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